Planning an evaluation

Evaluations can be challenging, as HealthPathways offers different benefits to different users. Health systems are varied and complex, and constantly changing and innovating. This can make it difficult to quantify HealthPathways' contribution.

When evaluating the impact of your HealthPathways programme, keep in mind that you are simultaneously evaluating whole-of-system change as well as engagement with your local HealthPathways site. While it can be tricky to separate these aspects, it is possible to identify what role HealthPathways has played in positive change.

First steps

Contact the Research & Evaluation Hub
If you are considering doing an evaluation, contact the R&E Hub.  We can provide support, information, and advice. We also maintain a list of active and planned research and evaluation projects, which may help you plan your evaluation or seek collaboration.

Please note that is beyond our scope to conduct evaluations for you.

Easy wins
Your regular reporting may be an ideal starting point for building an evaluation. Review your reports and identify any programme highlights.

Google Analytics data is readily available, which can help illustrate clinician engagement and how HealthPathways is used by the local community. 

Make friends
See if you can partner with local universities or research institutions. Universities often seek to partner with "real world" organisations and may be able to supply willing researchers with an interest in the health system.

If you are interested in collaborating with the wider HealthPathways community, contact the R&E Hub.

Review the hub resources and previous evaluations
Review the Evaluation Resources for guidance on planning your evaluatoin. To see the methods and outcomes from previous evaluations you can also access Research Outcomes and the R&E Publication Database.

Examples of previous evaluations: