Collaborating Globally for Local Impact

The HealthPathways Community is about sharing our combined knowledge, to better inform the use of our local resources to solve our local problems. The 2018 HealthPathways Conference is your opportunity to contribute to the direction of our shared developments, improve the effectiveness of your HealthPathways work-programme, and extend your personal networks, knowledge, and skills.

There is always variation in the planning and delivery of health and social services from one patient to the next, and from one health district to the next. The question is how much of that variation is sensible and necessary, and how much is unnecessary and wasteful. The next question is how can we develop and leverage commonality in our health systems to improve patient services and reduce costs. The same questions apply to the multiple implementations of HealthPathways across the Community.

The 2018 HealthPathways Conference will address the balancing act between necessary variation and efficient commonality from the perspectives of:

  • The effective operation of a health system and HealthPathways’ role in supporting it.
  • Running a cost effective HealthPathways work-programme.
More information

We will communicate more information about the 2018 HealthPathways Conference as it comes to hand – keep an eye on the Latest News section.

If you have any questions, please contact Adrienne Sidal:

Programme Highlights

By participating in the conference you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • See up close innovative and efficient health services that have reduced unwarranted variation in patient care in the Hunter and New England health system.
  • Share and learn about the strategies from across the HealthPathways Community for leveraging HealthPathways to best assist your local system performance.
  • Learn about and contribute to the direction of the HealthPathways platform as we aim to maximise collaborative opportunities and reduce unwarranted variation.
  • Upskill in a range of optional technical workshops.
  • Network with colleagues from across the HealthPathways Community who are working through many of the same challenges as you.

More details available soon!