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Five HealthPathways Regional Group Clinical Advisors Now Appointed

Published on 08 May, 2018 | Return|

We’re delighted to announce the appointment of five Regional Group Clinical Advisors for New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Five newly appointed Regional Group Clinical Advisors will soon provide extra leadership and support within their HealthPathways regional groups, working alongside key contributors and stakeholders to maximise the success of existing and future HealthPathways work programmes.

The role of Regional Group Clinical Advisor is relatively new to the HealthPathways Community. It was first piloted for ACT (Australian Capital Territory) and NSW (New South Wales) in 2017 by Dr Louise Delaney. Louise has since been confirmed as the Regional Group Clinical Advisor for ACT/NSW and the National Clinical Advisor for Australia.

Louise is now joined by:

  • Dr Aaron Kennedy, Regional Group Clinical Advisor for Queensland 
  • Dr Kellie McDonald, Regional Group Clinical Advisor for Victoria and Tasmania 
  • Dr Sue Jackson, Regional Group Clinical Advisor for Northern Territory, Western Australia, and South Australia
  • Dr Justine Lancaster, Regional Group Clinical Advisor for New Zealand
  • Dr Paul Nellist, Regional Group Clinical Advisor for the United Kingdom

For more details, see profiles below.

The Regional Group Clinical Advisors will assist the clinical editors in each region to perform their roles effectively within the collaborative philosophy and principles that underpin the HealthPathways community.

Graham McGeoch, Chief Clinical Editor - HealthPathways Community, says, “The new group of advisors will enable us to support the clinical editor teams in each region much more effectively with training and communications. Over time, they will also take HealthPathways to the next level of cooperation between regions by sharing updates, reviews and ways of working.”

“These new roles signal a new stage in the development of the HealthPathways Community,” says Streamliners CEO Ian Anderson.

“By supporting and enabling regional efficiencies and cooperation, and helping to resolve regional issues, these roles will be vital to the evolution of the HealthPathways platform, and in utilising the strength of our collaborative community.”

Region specific, confidential information will not be shared between HealthPathways regions without approval by Streamliners and the originating region, says Ian.

“In this way, regions can continue to build on their collaborative work, with confidence that clear guidelines exist around disclosure,” he says.

For more information on these new roles, please download the Regional Group Clinical Advisors position description

The role of Regional Group Forum Facilitator has also been filled, with an announcement to follow. The Regional Group Forum Facilitator will help plan and facilitate regular regional meetings to discuss common issues and provide input to future development of the HealthPathways platform.

If you have any questions about these new roles, please email Dr Graham McGeoch (mcgeochg@gmail.com)

AaronKennedypicResiz...Dr Aaron Kennedy
Regional Group Clinical Advisor for Queensland

After graduating from the University of Queensland, Aaron first worked in Hunter, New South Wales before moving to the UK to work as a locum for some years. After returning to Australia, Aaron’s initial primary clinical focus in Emergency Medicine and education led to him joining the Emergency Department team at Mackay Base Hospital as a Senior Medical Officer. After 10 years, including a year as the Director of the department, Aaron then moved into general practice.

Aaron has been a part of the Mackay HealthPathways team since its inception, building on the networks he had established with both specialties at the hospital and in private practice during his time in ED. Since fellowship with ACRRM, Aaron has worked in a number of practices in Mackay and until recently owned a local GP urgent care clinic. Aaron now works full time in HealthPathways team and plans to support local practices in a locum capacity.

“I am loving the process of contributing to improvements in healthcare delivery across our region. It’s refreshing to be working on a program that has collaboration built into the core of what we do.”

Married with four children, Aaron’s interests and projects include creating a tropical garden and a rather long-term mission to build his own mandolin.

KellieMcDonaldResize...Dr Kellie McDonald
Regional Group Clinical Advisor for Victoria and Tasmania

Kellie started with HealthPathways as a Clinical Editor in 2014 with Barwon region, now Western Victoria. After graduating from Monash University in 2002, Kellie worked in Geelong for her resident years before starting in general practice in Lara (20 minutes out of Geelong).

During this time Kellie completed further study in child health and is now close to completing a Master’s degree in Public Health (Primary Health Care). Over the past 18 months, Kellie has also been doing surgical assisting and enjoys both the added variety, and opportunity to learn and chat with specialist colleagues.

Kellie appreciates working in a team to strengthen relationships between primary and tertiary care, as well as supporting and enabling general practitioners and primary care providers.

“I enjoyed being able to mentor and support clinical editors with the expansion of our region, and now value the chance to do this for Victoria and Tasmania. The opportunity to be involved in system change has developed over this time, and is definitely something that I am looking forward to being more involved in.”

Married with three children, Kellie enjoys the flexibility to sometimes be ‘Mum’s taxi’. Family activities include several different sports, both playing and watching, while Kellie also likes to run for fitness and for the occasional event.

SueJacksonResizedDr Sue Jackson
Regional Group Clinical Advisor for Northern Territory, Western Australia, and South Australia

Sue initially trained in England before moving to outback South Australia 27 years ago. Later moving to Perth, she initially worked in general practice before following her passion for developing street-based services for the homeless and disadvantaged.

Currently working with at-risk-youth in a secure therapeutic unit, Sue also travels with the Ear Foundation working with Aboriginal communities on children’s ear health. Sue also trains peer support workers in mental health.

Sue joined Western Australia HealthPathways as a Clinical Editor in 2015 and is now their Lead Clinical Editor.

“I have experienced the difference that HealthPathways can bring to our health service and I’m delighted to be able to use the role of Regional Group Clinical Advisor to both share our experience, and to support South Australia and Northern Territory in their journey.”

Sue is married with one daughter and shares her home in the hills above Perth with her husband, a large white Italian shepherd, chicken, fish, and bees.

JustineLancasterResi...Dr Justine Lancaster
Regional Group Clinical Advisor for New Zealand

Initially graduating from Otago University in 1990, Justine has been a general practitioner for over 20 years, and has been a Clinical Editor with 3D HealthPathways since 2014.

As a practice owner in a group seaside practice for 13 years, Justine gained valuable experience from sharing patients’ journeys. She describes locum experience, both as a young GP/mother of young children and more recently, as “eye opening and informative of the inequities and disparities in GP practice”.

For the past three years, Justine has been enjoying her time as clinical Team Leader in a dynamic central city practice, and is keen to embrace change and continuous improvement.

“I have seen positive effects both for systems and individuals as a result of HealthPathways and am keen to see this influence grow. I’m really enjoying the collaborative nature of this work, engaging with our colleagues and allied health professionals, and nurturing mutual respect and understanding.”

Justine also relishes supporting and mentoring new GPs in her role as an RNZCGP Medical Educator, and finds herself continually learning and being inspired by the GP registrars in the second and third year of training. As Chair of the Wellington Faculty Committee of RNZCGP, Justine also works to foster collegiality and education, leadership and equity across general practice in the Wellington region.

Describing herself as “at home in the New Zealand bush and hills”, Justine balances her life with yoga, bush walks and tramping, and also loves to sing and dance. Spending time with friends and family is also a priority, and with the youngest daughter in the family soon to complete high school, Justine’s family are enjoying the sense of freedom and independence that accompanies this phase of life.

PaulNellistresizedDr Paul Nellist
Regional Group Clinical Advisor for the United Kingdom

Paul has been a general practitioner in South Tyneside for many years and was one of the first two Clinical Editors in the United Kingdom. Following the very successful and rapid localisation in South Tyneside, and health system improvement supported by excellent general practice engagement, Paul will be working with the Clinical Editor teams in the new UK regions, including Sunderland and Cardiff and Vale. In his spare time, Paul is a keen bird watcher.