HealthPathways for Researchers

The HealthPathways platform is relied on by thousands of frontline health professionals every day to inform their decision-making on clinical and process issues. HealthPathways provides a means of delivering new evidence or practice guidelines to frontline clinicians. HealthPathways can quickly adapt to changing circumstances by providing up-to-date information during an emergency situation, such as the Australian bush fires or Coronavirus. The clinical content on HealthPathways can be shared, adopted, and modified by the wider HealthPathways community.  There are many incremental changes made to the guidance in the pathways each week and, because health professionals are constantly referring to the pathways, the revised guidance is immediately applied in their decision-making.

Research Outcomes contains a small sample of HealthPathways publications – grouped by their outcomes. 
See the Publication Database for more published peer-reviewed articles.

What can the R&E Hub do for researchers?

The Research and Evaluation hub can:

  • help facilitate access to the local HealthPathways teams in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.
  • provide HealthPathways research advice.
  • support researchers and the HP community in developing collaborative high-quality independent published research.

Please email the R&E Hub if you are considering research involving HealthPathways.