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Southern DHB and WellSouth PHO promote HealthPathways through new integrated care forums
Promoting and enhancing more connected care across the health system is the aim of a new series of integrated care forums being launched collaboratively by New Zealand's Southern District Health Board and WellSouth Primary Health Organisation. The first forums on the subject of HealthPathways take place this week.
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A tale of two districts, and of side-stepping ransomware
While health systems across much of the world were crippled by the recent WannaCry ransomware attacks, there were oases of relative calm – the New Zealand health system in general and in the UK where the National Health Service (NHS) was severely disrupted, South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust weathered the crisis very well.
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HealthPathways set to link rural regions in Northern Territory
Three days of practical workshops and training spread between Darwin and Alice Springs marked the launch of Northern Territory HealthPathways. The workshops focused on high-level planning and strategy to enable HealthPathways to integrate smoothly alongside local service providers.
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Cairns celebrates HealthPathways website launch
There was plenty of fanfare when Cairns celebrated the official launch of the Cairns HealthPathways website to a lively crowd of health professionals at the National Rural Health Conference.
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Queensland HealthPathways regions grow even stronger
Queensland HealthPathways regional teams are going from strength to strength, with the arrival of SpotOnHealth HealthPathways to the HealthPathways Community. It brings the number of Queensland HealthPathways regions to eight.
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Collaboration defines Nepean Blue Mountains HealthPathways Launch
The official launch of HealthPathways in Nepean Blue Mountains was a collaborative affair, with members from neighbouring HealthPathways regions and professionals from across the local health system coming together to embrace the potential of HealthPathways.
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Pipelle biopsies to be provided by GPs in NZ's Southern District
Women in New Zealand's Southern district requiring pipelle biopsies now have faster and easier access to the procedure thanks to a collaboration between clinicians from Southern DHB and WellSouth, and Southern HealthPathways.
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Melbourne's work on lower back pain leads to end of year high
HealthPathways Melbourne, which is led by North Western Melbourne and Eastern Melbourne PHNs, has ended 2016 on a high thanks to an award linked to their work on the Lower Back Pain pathway.
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2016 in numbers!
2016 has been a big year for the HealthPathways Community.
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Work to begin on Base HealthPathways project
Improvements in pathway quality and the efficiency of localising and reviewing pathways are key motivators for a new Streamliners project called Base HealthPathways.
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New HealthPathways style manual in development
A new style manual will form one part of a two-pronged approach to improve pathway quality and efficiency of HealthPathways’ programmes.
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Multi-option Feedback Search enabled in Latest Dot Update
This weekend, the Streamliner’s Information Systems team will release an update to Dot’s Feedback section will enable users to select more than one item in the Feedback dropdown menus.
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Murray HealthPathways brings health professionals together at launch
At a strongly attended launch event in Bendigo, Murray PHN CEO Matt Jones described HealthPathways as "a tangible way to address the fragmentation of our health systems".
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West Coast tramping experience great way to prep for the conference
The pre-conference tramping trip to the West Coast of New Zealand proved to be great preparation for some delegates.
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Greening of the Red Zone tour adds local colour to the conference
Red zone tour gives conference delegates a first hand look at the challenges and opportunities for Christchurch after the 2010/2011 quakes.
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